Common Core Feed

The Summit seeks to provide a balanced perspective on the Common Core Standards. This page contains current developments and national news on the Common Core.

July 6, 2014 Rhode Island Parents Petition School district to Opt Out of Common Core by Dr. Susan Berry. See the article here:

July 7, 2014 Common Core: Proposal Calls for Delaying Use of Tests in Teacher Evaluations by Joe Douglas ( See the article here:

July 7, 2014 Teachers Get a Lesson in Implementation of Common Core Standards by Barry Wygel (TWC News). See the article here:

July 8, 2014 National Governors Association Helped Create Common Core, But That Won't Be on Nashville Agenda by Bobby Allyn (Nashville Public Radio). See the article here:

July 9, 2014 What Would Mark Twain Have Thought of Common Core Testing? By David Perrin (The Atlantic). See the article here: